June 22, 2024
Home » AllNews » Artistic Splendor at EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, an event filled with artistic marvels, is set to brighten the beginning of the year from January 12 through February 19, 2024. It’s a celebration where visual, culinary, and performing arts converge in a spectacular display, characteristic of Disney’s imaginative spirit.

Gathering a small group of friends for this event? Try coordinating your visit around one of the DISNEY ON BROADWAY Concert Series performances. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the evening together, being serenaded by Broadway stars under the stars.

The festival will feature an array of experiences, including the DISNEY ON BROADWAY Concert Series, with performances by notable artists from shows like “Frozen,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King.” This presents a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy their favorite Disney songs live.

Culinary arts are a significant part of the festival, with over 15 Food Studios scattered throughout EPCOT. Each studio offers dishes and drinks that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine adds an adventurous twist to dining, encouraging guests to try diverse flavors represented by different colors.

For those who love to engage creatively, the festival offers various interactive experiences. The Animation Academy and Expression Section: A Paint by Numbers Mural allow guests to contribute to the festival’s artistic tapestry. Additionally, Kid’s Chalk Art provides a space for young artists to showcase their talent.

The festival also features an array of visual arts and merchandise. Visitors can explore galleries, meet artists, and even find exclusive festival merchandise featuring Figment, the beloved purple dragon. The Figment-themed Disney Gift Card offers both beauty and convenience for purchases during the festival.

Participation in Figment’s Brush with the Master’s Scavenger Hunt is a highlight for families, adding an element of fun and learning as they explore art across the World Showcase.